Project Coordinator. Lurederra will find discarded HDD sources and logistics and also prospective customers for the developed products. Lurederra will participate in the pilot plant design and will be in charge of the assembly of the demonstrative pilot line in their facilities, testing and validating operability. Finally, they will use the magnetic powder produced for directly manufacturing recycled magnets, and also, for manufacturing precursors for Flame Spray Pyrolysis (FSP) and, subsequently mixed NdFeB oxide nanoparticles..


Associated beneficiary with extensive experience in electrical and electronic components processing and recycling. They will define de requirements of the discarded HDD to be processed, will supply of HDD from their facilities and will make a preliminary testing. Furthermore, they will define the component requirements to be implemented in the line.


Associated beneficiary, with great experience in equipment design in the recycling field, which will carry out the design and construction of the whole demonstrative pilot line.


Associated beneficiary. They will define the requirements of the final product and will evaluate the recycled magnets properties with respect to non-recycled ones.