With LIFE RECYMAGNET project, it is aimed to achieve the following scientific, technological and environmental objectives:

  • Development of a pilot plant having a capacity of 75 HDD/h to achieve recycled NdFeB magnets with the required properties to be used in many diverse applications, such as electronic devices.
  • Demonstrate that the technology to be used is optimal for recycling of NdFeB magnets proceeding from different sources and sectors.
  • Development of a module capable of detecting the magnets contained into the devices to be fed to the line and of cutting their contour in order to minimise the quantity of impurities to be treated and then separated with the aim of obtaining recycled NdFeB magnets for the same or other applications.
  • Reduce the European dependence on rare earths (RE) proceeding mainly from China in order to satisfy the defined requirements established in the European Communication of the 2nd of February of 2011 concerning imports of RE.
  • Contribute to the European Directive 2012/19/UE which established a framework for reducing environmental wastes and recycling electronic devices.
  • Re-use the recycled NdFeB magnets as high quality product for many diverse applications.