LIFE RECYMAGNET project will carry out the design, construction and assembly of a demonstrative pilot plant for recover up to 80% of rare earths content of NdFeB magnets, which will consist of two modules:

  • Module I. The first module will be based on a device able to detect the magnet position and to cut their perimeter, removing more than 85% of other no magnetic materials such as plastic and other metals which could act as diluents of the magnetic stream to recycle, and therefore, as impurities throughout the whole process.
  • Module II. The second module has three stages: demagnetisation, size reduction & screening, and purification. The main objective of this module is the refinement of the magnetic material coming from the first module, turning back the obtained stream in valuable material for manufacturing magnets.

The applicability of the so-produced powder will be demonstrated by directly manufacturing recycled NdFeB magnets with that product. Other route of demonstration will be based on the utilization of the produced powder for precursors manufacturing for Flame Spray Pyrolysis (FSP). After that, NdFeB mixed oxide nanoparticles in the desired ratio will be produced and used for the production of nano-based recycled magnets.

Descripción Técnica del proyecto LIFE RECYMAGNET